Tapestry | Total Environment

We believe in living richer,
fuller, more joyous lives

We create sensitively
designed living spaces.

And make homes with focus
on good design and detailing.

Our Design Philosophy

We combine our design skills with excellent craftsmanship to deliver homes of the highest quality, always striving to design and build the most beautiful homes in the world.

These exceptional homes have been created for people who share our passion for the good life. Featuring large glass panels that bring the outdoors in, each home is built with signature natural materials that age beautifully and make it timeless.

Our homes have evolved over time to provide a sense of warmth, privacy and openness in an increasingly stressful world. We create custom interiors to suit each family's unique lifestyle and functional needs. Each home here comes with a native Texas Blackland Prairie green roof.

Homes starting at $1.45MN

Frisco, a great place to live.

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